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Our Core Values: R.E.P.S.
Our Core Values: R.E.P.S.

Kris & Co. started back in 1996 and as we approach 20 years of making retail funner, I wanted to look back and see how our Core Purpose and Core Values have served us over time.

Our Core Purpose: We make great retail, Funner.

You were already great in some way; we just help make it more Funner. If you’re not all that great, it’s going to be harder, but we can still have a fun time getting you there.

Blue Q Summer 2015 Product Launch
Blue Q Summer 2015 Product Launch

Take a peek the scenes at Blue Q! See how we do what we do and check out what’s new!

The Retail Couch

Michele Flamer interviews Kris for her podcast, the Retail Couch.

"Today's special podcast interview is with Kris Kaplan. You'd never look at him today and notice that he's 25+ years sober, a lover of core values and principles. Sure he has an Ironman tattoo, is a certified Gazelle's Coach. His reps love him and he's grown up in the gift industry. Kris Kaplan or as I like to call him K2 is a testiment to one thing - perserverence. Grab a pen and paper and listen up!"

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