designed for the planet

Flint is reusable, recyclable and refi llable. Flint lint paper is protected for reuse,
and the Flint refill core is 100% recycled. The refi ll system is intuitive and simple
to use and, as a result, we are seeing Flint refills flying off the shelves!

designed for you
We want Flint to be for everyone and for everyone to have a Flint they can love.
We have a collection of 6 Flint colors today and there will be more products and
collections to come. Individuals can select the Flint, or Flints, that fit their style,
personality and occasion. And at a price they can afford.

designed for purpose
No one wants to have a lint roller that sticks to all the things it shouldn’t.
Flint stays clean and protected so you can transport it with you, wherever you go.

designed for function
2 years in development, every detail of Flint is engineered to the highest quality.
The paper is sourced from Japan because it is the best, and we make it just the
right amount of sticky to work first time without it affecting the fabric.

designed for beauty
No other lint roller looks like Flint. Since launch, people of all walks of life have
been proudly showing off their Flints as a fashion accessory. We will continue
to collaborate with the world’s top fashion brands to keep Flint fresh and
fashion forward.

the end of lint™
The world’s first retractable, refillable lint roller.
It’s pocket-sized to suit your daily needs.
It’s the lifestyle tool that never lets you down.
It’s the award-winning lint roller that looks as good as you.
And you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it

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